Industrial robots global study: China to overtake EU and North America by 2017

By 2017, more industrial robots will be operating in China's production plants than in the European Union or North America. Operating unit numbers there will double from today's 200,000 to more than 400,000. To compare: In North America, numbers will rise to about 300,000 – with 340,000…

🕘 28/01/2015

Coffee manufacturer gets lean with the help of robotic palletiser

To increase the speed and efficiency of a coffee stacking line, one of the largest snack foods manufacturers in the world has chosen a KUKA robotic palletiser, from Linkx Systems. Key factors that influenced their decision were the machine’s robust yet streamlined design and flexibility in…

🕘 08/01/2015

New research will help robots know their limits

A team of UK researchers is embarking on a collaborative project to ensure that the autonomous robots we build in the future will be safer, making decisions that are ethical and follow legislation on robotics. Robots that can think and act without human intervention are moving from fiction to…

🕘 08/12/2014

ABB robot palletising system features in world’s first mobile packaging plant

High speed palletising combined with versatility and easy transportation means the IRB 6640 and IRB 460 are ideal for RM Group’s mobile packaging vision. Robots from ABB have helped systems integrator RM Group to turn an innovative idea for a mobile packaging system into a working reality.

🕘 25/11/2014

Service robot scales negative slopes

The Technical University of Liberec has introduced the second generation of its special service robot, the ROBOTUL Vertical Climber 02, which uses a stepping movement to traverse both smooth and structured surfaces such as the glass walls of buildings. Its safe and highly precise operation is…

🕘 07/11/2014

Five year projected robot uptake in the food industry

Although way behind the rest of the EU and US markets in terms of sales, the UK food industry has taken a sudden interest in robots over the last 12 months. We predict that sales of robots to this sector will amount to 600 units over the next 5 years – a 27% increase on the combined figures…

🕘 05/11/2014

The walking, jumping, hopping robot

In movies, robots can walk, talk, and even pretend to be human. Their real-life counterparts are considerably more limited. But this gap is closing, and Engineered Arts, a UK robotics company, is seeking to bring reality closer to fiction. Engineered Art’s current flagship product is…

🕘 03/11/2014

University invests in the world' largest multi-material 3D Printing System

Stratasys, a global provider of 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions, has announced the unveiling of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) National Facility for Innovative Robotic Systems at the University of Leeds. The centre has the most advanced suite of…

🕘 24/10/2014

Robot ‘Porton Man’ moves with igus

A robotic mannequin has been recently developed by a British engineering company, i-bodi Technology, a subsidiary of Crawley Creatures, to help the Ministry of Defence test chemical and biological (CB) protective suits and equipment for its Armed Forces. The ‘Porton Man’ uses…

🕘 15/10/2014

Robot puts the stretch on hold-ups

Robots are playing their part in making Stretchline Holdings world leaders in the development and manufacture of textile elastics. The use and application of silicone material, for compression or grip, to textiles for fashion, medical, sports wear and every day garments has been made cost effective…

🕘 13/10/2014