Robotic grasp technology will put an end to clumsy robots

A way of ‘teaching’ robots to pick up unfamiliar objects without dropping or breaking them has been developed by researchers at the University of Birmingham. The research paves the way for robots to be used in more flexible ways and in more complex environments. These could include…

🕘 27/05/2014

Machine builder minimises footprint with hanging ABB robot

A workcell measuring 0.8m by 1m, with an ABB IRB 120 robot hanging upside-down from the ceiling, is used at global contact lens manufacturer CooperVision’s R&D facility in Southampton. The cell provides a reduced cycle time of 30 percent by enabling the faster transfer of contact lenses…

🕘 22/05/2014

The launch of a new gantry style production oriented robot

Low cost versatile robots are becoming increasingly popular in the manufacturing environment and this latest Fisnar F5200N gantry model from Intertronics offers flexibility for dispensing operations. It joins the largest range of dispensing robots, for a range of applications, including…

🕘 08/05/2014

Survey reveals UK companies still unsure about applying robotic automation to low volume processes

A recent survey carried out on behalf of ABB Robotics UK reveals that many UK manufacturers have yet to be convinced about the suitability of robotic automation for low volume or bespoke production processes. Of the 221 companies that responded to the survey, 134 are not currently using robots.

🕘 30/04/2014

A survey reveals that the cost of ownership and lack of experience is a major obstacle in advancing robotic automation in the UK

The advance of UK manufacturing is being hampered by a lingering reluctance to invest in robotic automation. A recent survey of UK manufacturers carried out on behalf of ABB Robotics has revealed that concerns over the cost of ownership and a lack of experience in implementing and using robots are…

🕘 22/04/2014

Cimcorp will demonstrate their robotics to visitors at the CeMAT exhibition

Visitors to the CeMAT exhibition in Hannover from 19th - 23rd May will get to witness the efficiency and speed at which robots can handle a variety of goods. Cimcorp will demonstrate how its gantry robot technology, currently used within car tyre factories and postal sorting centres, is now proving…

🕘 17/04/2014

The cherry on the cake

VIDEO: Solving a long standing automation problem in cake decoration has also produced a groundbreaking development that could be taken up across a whole range of other industries. Quasar Automation wanted to create a system that can neatly apply icing or other embellishments to cakes regardless of…

🕘 10/04/2014

Robot is the star attraction at Honda's Technical Festival

VIDEO: Programming a brand new conventional robot to perform a pick and place sequence would typically require considerable time and even the services of an expert. To integrate a second robot - so the two would perform that task in tandem - takes the complexity to another level of magnitude. Yet…

🕘 19/03/2014

Industrial robots playing a key role in the plastics industry

In 1973, German manufacturer KUKA introduced the FAMULUS industrial robot in response to a direct request by the automotive industry who were looking for powerful, reliable and repeatable solutions to its requirements for various handling and manipulation processes. Over the next 40 years the rate…

🕘 26/02/2014

An innovative approach to automation

When a new production line for airbag control sensors was required by TRW Systems, the company turned to Stäubli and its system integration partners, Grohmann and IPTE, to provide the robots required at the heart of the automated sequence of cells … TRW Systems located at Peterlee, County…

🕘 25/02/2014