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Infineon and Blumio collaborate on a radar-based blood-pressure sensor

Infineon Technologies's Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) has teamed up with Blumio to co-develop a wearable, non-invasive blood pressure sensor based on Infineon’s XENSIV radar chipset by 2021. The new sensor will address the $45bn-market for wearable cardiovascular monitoring devices…

🕘 25/06/2020

Photoelectric sensors keep robots sweet

During high-speed production of retail bags, a confectionery manufacturer conveys individual bags of sweets to a pick-and-place packing robot for secondary packaging. A highly reliable diffuse-mode photoelectric sensor, mounted beside the conveyor, detects the presence of bags as they approach the…

🕘 12/06/2020

Sensors help make N95 masks in fight against COVID-19

Reliability is essential in automated production, and nowhere more than in the hard-pressed healthcare supply sector. At the time of the global COVID-19 crisis, OEM equipment builders rushed to increase capacity for producing personal protective equipment (PPE). Manufacturers of N95 face masks, a…

🕘 28/05/2020

Five applications for printed and flexible sensors

The Internet of Things (IoT) substantially opened up the need for flexible sensors. Whether a doctor wants to track a patient's health or an engineer wants to create an improved version of a robotic component, those are two of the many reasons why flexible sensors may emerge as the best options.

🕘 01/05/2020

SICK’s W4 Inox Sensor: Tiny, tough and task-orientated

The SICK W4 Inox is SICK’s first stainless steel photoelectric Inox sensor with on-board Smart Tasks that can be used even in the harshest hygienic Sterilise-in-Place (SIP) and Clean-in-Place (CIP) environments. The miniature photoelectric sensor combines stainless steel-shielded durability…

🕘 30/04/2020

New wireless sensors enable automated machine monitoring for reliable rotation in heavy industries

SKF has released a compact and cost-effective vibration and temperature sensor for monitoring the condition of rotating parts on heavy industrial machinery. Designed principally for use as part of an SKF Rotating Equipment Performance (REP) solution, the sensor - called the SKF Enlight Collect…

🕘 09/04/2020

Dynamic flow sensor for detecting microdoses

EGE designed its dynamic SDN 501/1 GSP-DYN flow controller to detect minimal pulsating flow rates from 0.02 ml. Suitable for most common liquids such as water, alcohol, oils, and fluid greases, the flow sensor is ideal for monitoring minimum lubrication or ensuring that the right amounts of…

🕘 09/03/2020

SICK’s Industry 4.0 training gets you started with IO-Link on the PLC

SICK is holding a series of hands-on training days to help machine builders and end-users progress on their Industry 4.0 journey by unlocking valuable data from IO-Link sensors via a PLC. During the one-day course, delegates will learn, step-by-step, how to set up an IO-Link Master to enable…

🕘 02/03/2020

SICK’s SIG200 is an IO-Link master and control system in one

The SIG200 IO-Link Master with integrated web server guarantees fast, easy and transparent integration of IO-Link devices as well as digitised processing and transfer of status data, process parameters and diagnostic information … SICK has unveiled its SIG200 PROFINET Sensor Integration Gateway…

🕘 24/02/2020

New IO-Link level controllers from EGE

EGE supplies its new MFN level controllers with guided microwave and IO-Link interface with coaxial, single, or double probes … EGE introduces a new generation of level controllers with guided microwave: the MFN series sensors feature an IO-Link interface and thereby enable continuous access of…

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