Warehousing & Logistics

DB Schenker brings its first logistics robot in the Czech Republic into operation

At its Contract Logistics site in Pardubice DB Schenker has implemented a new autonomous mobile robot (AMR). In the warehouse around 120 kilometers east of Prague the robot named MiR Hook 200 helps to detect and transport trolleys to make operations even more efficient. The robot comes from the…

🕘 23/10/2020

Walker Logistics increases its workforce by 20% in response to an upsurge in order volumes

Online fulfilment specialist Walker Logistics has increased the size of its workforce by more than 20% following an upsurge in the omni-channel order volumes that it is processing at its Berkshire multi-user storage facility. Charlie Walker, Walker Logistics’ marketing director, comments:

🕘 15/09/2020

Innovative companies are changing the face of vertical farming

Vertical farming, the practice of growing crops indoors under tightly controlled conditions, is continuing to expand rapidly. By using LED lighting tailored to the exact needs of the crop, alongside advanced hydroponic growing systems, and growing crops in vertically stacked trays, vertical farms…

🕘 04/09/2020

Base model carbon steel flexible screw conveyor

Flexicon introduces a new base model 1450 flexible screw conveyor with 115 mm O.D. polymer conveyor tube and low cost carbon steel floor hopper and discharge housing. Round, square, flat or beveled flexible screws in any length from 3 to 12 metres are offered to convey virtually any free- and…

🕘 10/08/2020

Yale innovates forklift design with fully-integrated lithium-ion solutions

The growing demand for alternative power solutions continues to drive evolution. This sparks opportunities to find new solutions and gains in product design. The new Yale ERP25-30VLL Series counterbalance forklift truck is engineered around an integrated lithium-ion battery, enabling space in the…

🕘 23/07/2020

OW Robotics (OWR) launches Europe’s first Robotics Demonstration Centre

OW Robotics (OWR) has launched Europe’s first Robotics Demonstration Centre for customers and businesses looking to transform their warehouse, logistics and manufacturing operations through automation. Based at OWR’s Lincoln HQ, the centre allows UK businesses to replicate their…

🕘 23/07/2020

Warehouses increase automation due to COVID-19

In this article, Megan R. Nichols, Schooled By Science, highlights the important role of automation during the current pandemic … The Fourth Industrial Revolution was well underway before the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. Now, the pace of change is accelerating. Automation is a huge part of…

🕘 13/07/2020

ProGlove and StayLinked partner to help logistics and supply chain firms achieve digital transformation

ProGlove and StayLinked have announced their integrated solutions partnership. Together they aim to streamline access to the efficiencies of mobility and process automation for companies in warehousing, distribution, and logistics. “Industrial IoT integration has emerged as one of the more…

🕘 12/06/2020

You need to know how AI is disrupting logistics

In this article, Megan R. Nichols, Schooled By Science, explains how artificial intelligence is disrupting logistics, plus she explores how experts believe it will impact the supply chain in the next few years. Artificial intelligence has been one of the most significant disruptions of the past few…

🕘 02/06/2020

Hikrobot announces OW Robotics as new UK partner

Hikrobot, one of the world’s leading robotics companies, has announced a new partnership with British firm OW Robotics (OWR) in a potential shake-up for UK warehouse automation. The Chinese manufacturer develops some of the most advanced industrial technology available including robots…

🕘 12/05/2020