Warehousing & Logistics

Hikrobot launches UK intralogistics robot revolution

Hikrobot has launched its range of flexible mobile robots for intralogistics applications to the UK and Europe through Cranfield–based systems integrator, Invar Systems. The robots can be supplied as part of a complete solution to provide highly productive automated transport and…

🕘 22/04/2020

Refurbished vs second-hand automation parts

When an obsolete component breaks, manufacturers might struggle to find a replacement. This is especially true in highly regulated sectors like pharmaceuticals or food processing, where alternative replacements are not an option and the exact same part has to be sourced. Second-hand parts might…

🕘 21/04/2020

Mobile robots and autonomous vehicles: Coronavirus pushes logistic automation up the agenda

Amazon announced that it planned on hiring 100,000 extra workers to meet the rise in demand for online shopping created by Coronavirus-caused shutdowns and social distancing. On 19 March 2020, unions said workers were demanding that Amazon takes their lives seriously. The night before a facility in…

🕘 26/03/2020

Jungheinrich welcomes cyber security expert Karsten Zimmer to the keynote sessions of the "Jungheinrich Virtual Tradeshow“

Jungheinrich draws an extremely positive balance of the first day of its virtual trade fair. Following the cancellation of LogiMAT, visitors here have the opportunity to discover Jungheinrich's solutions for intralogistics as if they were at a real trade fair. Many customers and interested parties…

🕘 16/03/2020

Application of the manual lift tables in manufacturing industries

Manual lift tables are common equipment in numerous manufacturing industries. Their impact in industries has been enormous, and their applications extend to more than load lifting. Some of the features that have made this table great include its portability, durability, and load capacity. The table…

🕘 03/03/2020

UK manufacturing revival as circular economy servitisation transforms business prospects, Sage research reveals

Sage (LON:SGE), the market leader in cloud business management solutions, today launches a report into the UK manufacturing sector. The results reveal how advanced the nation’s manufacturing sector is, compared to global counterparts, in adopting new processes and thinking to drive growth.

🕘 26/02/2020

Manufacturing sector urged to ‘Re-think Local’ in light of Coronavirus Outbreak

As a result of a sudden spike in demand driven by the Coronavirus outbreak, the head of a leading injection tool mould manufacturer is urging the UK’s manufacturing sector to re-think the long-term benefits of ‘local sourcing’. The re-shoring call comes from Roger Vance, MD of…

🕘 25/02/2020

Three transformative trends in predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance can be a great source of added value for businesses, and UK manufacturers have been quick to realise its potential. According to a recent report by Accountancy UK, more than eight out of ten British companies have already implemented a predictive maintenance programme in…

🕘 20/02/2020

Exoskeletons will transform manufacturing

A Paris-based start-up recently helped a woman with partial paralysis to use an exoskeleton to walk. Breakthroughs like this are allowing exoskeleton technology to be used in more varied environments, with potential benefits for manufacturers. Here Neil Ballinger, head of EMEA sales at industrial…

🕘 06/02/2020

MRO Consolidators: What are they and why might you need one?

When it comes to managing maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) products, many organisations go down the traditional route of in-house stores management. This includes ordering MRO supplies directly from manufacturers or through a distributor to then be collected from a local branch or delivered…

🕘 04/02/2020