Carlo Gavazzi continues to extend their product offering of high-performance proximity inductive sensors by launching the stainless steel ICS08 4 wire in M8 with an operating distance up to 4mm. 

The ICS series represent the optimal solution for industrial automation equipment in applications where space is very limited and where non-contact detection of metal objects in general position-sensing and presence sensing is required such as tool selection, robotic position-sensing and control of micro-mechanisms and are particularly suitable for rotational speed monitoring thanks to the high operating frequency.

The IP67 rated ICS family provides excellent protection against water and humidity penetration.  Available in robust stainless-steel housing in either short or long housing, flush or non-flush, M8 plug or cable output, PNP or NPN, both models having built in NO + NC option. Whilst the integrated diagnostic function uses flashing LEDs in the event of a short circuit or overload and has an in-built micro controller to ensure stability with respect to environmental influences with highly repeatable measurements between the extended operating temperature from -25 to +70°C,  (ICS08) to +80°C .  Each unit comes with a permanently legible laser engraved part no. making for ease of identification.

A complete family is offered in the stainless steel ICS08 with nickel plated brass versions of ICB12, ICB18 and ICB30 4 wire DC Series of proximity inductive sensors, which are the perfect solution for all factory and automation applications including plastic & rubber, precision positioning, materials handling, packing and wrapping applications, machine tools and are CE, UL, CSA, and IO-Link certified.