The market for service robotics is rapidly growing and according to the International Robotics Association (IFR), about 21,000 service robots were sold in 2013 for professional applications, amounting to total turnover of $3.6bn. New technologies and applications promise a high developmental dynamics in the upcoming years. All this will be discussed at the 8th SCHUNK Expert Days Event on Service Robotics show.

This year’s motto is ‘Service Robotics: Probing New Horizons’ and the event will put technical, economical and political masterminds in the spotlight of a large communication platform for applied service robotics. The event will take place over two days on the 25th and 26th February 2015 at the SCHUNK headquarters in Lauffen.

Among the industry figures to present at the event, Lijin Aryananda Ph.D. of Hocoma will speak about robot-supported neuro-rehabilitation technology, Prof. Gordon Cheng of the Technical University Munich will present new possibilities of tactile sensor systems and Prof. Dr. Albert Amos from Bosch Start-up will explain the concepts for using service robotics in the agricultural sector.

In addition, Dr. Andreas Goerdeler of the Federal Ministry for Economics and Energy in Berlin will present the political perspective of service robotics. The event will be moderated by the renowned MIT researcher Julie Shah, and the robotics mastermind Martin Hägele who is the Head of the Robot and Assistive System Department at the Fraunhofer IPA in Stuttgart.