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Why You Should be Using a CAT6 Cable

In this day and age, we connect to the internet in so many ways. Because so much of our lives are tied to the online realm, it can be easy to forget about what is happening in the background. Most importantly, the way we connect...

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A Better Way To Manage Produced Water

More than crude oil is extracted from oilfields. Naturally occurring water—or “produced water”—is a byproduct that must be managed in an environmentally compliant way. A key partner in recycling produced water is Endpoint...

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A true miracle of distance

Small housing, long operating range: Thanks to TOF technology, the new ODT3CL1-2M compact diffuse sensor from Leuze achieves an operating range of up to two meters. The 2-in-1 sensor detects the presence of objects and at the...

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