A collective of companies launches to simplify IA adoption for enterprises - Automation

A collective of companies launches to simplify IA adoption for enterprises

Nov 17, 2022 | Industry 4.0 & sensors, News, Smart Factories & AI

Seven technology companies from across the IA sector have unveiled the Intelligent Automation Collective (IAC), a unique collaboration to create and deploy a market-leading, end-to-end Intelligent Automation (IA) solution.

The seven founding members of the IAC are: AntWorks, Emergence Partners, Enate, KYP.ai, OpenDialog, RPA Supervisor and XpertRule.  Each company is renowned for its expertise in providing key elements of an IA solution, but together are able to augment their capabilities into a compelling offering that will solve many complex enterprise challenges.

The IAC will specifically target enterprise businesses, and within them, who have become increasingly frustrated with existing ways of procuring and deploying advanced tech solutions and have often been underwhelmed with the results.

David Poole, Chairman of Emergence Partners and lead spokesperson for the IAC said: “It is a fact that software vendors don’t traditionally play nicely together and leave it to the customer to fix interoperability and deployment challenges. We set up the IAC to be different;  to harness the power of true collaboration and create something that works for the client and their specific challenges and opportunities.”

David goes on to say, “We are not an eye-wateringly expensive integrated platform provider but a group of best-in-class innovators, working together without bias or ego, to deliver pain-free Intelligent Automation solutions to customers.  Our unique and transparent contracting model and proprietary end-to-end automation solution make procuring, deploying and scaling IA projects faster, cheaper and more effectively.”


[Image: Mahdis Mousavi for Unsplash]

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