Chronos BTH has recently installed and commissioned a new high accuracy bagging and palletising system for Emmi Milch AG in Dagmersellen, Switzerland; one of its long-standing customers in the milk powder sector. The bagging system features a strictly hygienic design, accurate operation and an ability to change products quickly, which is vital given the large number of powders to be packed.

At the Emmi factory they produce a diverse range of milk powder derivatives such as whey powders and permeate powders, all of which are hygroscopic, dusty, and sticky; and are a challenge to handle. Gerold Schatt, head of the Dagmersellen factory, says: “We opted for Chronos BTH due to the ground clearance of the filling line as well as the filling and closing concept.”

An OMLH-1030 BF hygienic bagging system is the key piece of equipment for this particular project. It automatically picks up and places the open-mouth bags, which are multi-ply cross bottom bags with polyethylene liners onto the filling spout. A specially designed integral vertical dosing screw ensures that dust emissions are kept to a minimum during both main and fine feed filling cycles. Currently the new packing system is operating on a two shift system and is rated at 200 bags/hour; packing products with individual filling weights of between 10 and 50kg. All of the equipment is EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) compliant and all of the processing modules are designed to provide Emmi with optimum filling accuracy in a hygienic and cost-effective manner.

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