Actions Technology partners with PUFsecurity to secure IoT applications - Automation

Chinese low-power system-level chip design company, Actions Technology, has entered a long-term partnership with PUFsecurity to develop secure designs from the hardware level (chip) for its products through licensing its Root of Trust IP.

As more electronic devices and systems become connected, the number of attack surfaces also multiplies. Being the leader in the highly competing Bluetooth and IoT industry, Actions Technology will elevate its product with PUFsecurity’s PUFrt for further differentiation with comprehensive protection to IoT device users.

“Today, the importance of information security is becoming increasingly prominent with the rapid development of intelligent networking technology. We are fully aware of the necessity of providing security guarantees for wireless Bluetooth and IoT applications. This partnership will add differentiation advantages to our products and further consolidate our leading position in the smart IoT industry. We look forward to our partnership bringing innovative and valuable chip and product designs to the wireless Bluetooth and IoT industry, providing downstream service providers and end-users complete life cycle security guarantees,” said Chris Chang, Vice President of R&D at Actions Technology.

PUFrt is based on Physical Unclonable Function (PUF), which is known as chip fingerprint technology. PUFrt integrates PUF, One Time Programmable (OTP) memory, True Random Number Generator (TRNG), and Anti-tampering designs in one single IP. PUF can generate high-quality and unpredictable random numbers from within the chip, which can be used as keys required for identification, authentication and information encryption. At the same time, PUF reinforces the security of OTP, making it the only True Hardware Root of Trust IP on the market that simultaneously possesses high-quality key generation and secure storage technologies.

“Wireless Bluetooth plays an important role in IoT communication, and chip security is the foundation of information security. Our cooperation can lead the industry to bring more innovation and security, helping system designers build a trust chain foundation based on hardware root of trust technology in the chip design process,” said Evans Yang, Executive Vice President of PUFsecurity.


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