Leading industrial computing platform provider Advantech has further enhanced its IPC-200 series – the world’s most compact high-performance fan-based industrial edge computers, which are suitable for a broad spectrum of applications.

The enhanced IPC-220/240 V2 and IPC-242 line-up combines a small footprint, and easy-maintenance design with powerful computing capacity in the form of 10th generation Intel© Core™ processor.

The IPC-200 series employs fans as a thermal solution, meaning they work reliably even in an environment with no air flow. The smart fan’s speed adjusts automatically depending on the temperature to minimise noise, while the front-facing I/Os including hot-swappable HDD/SSD trays to facilitate cable routing and maintenance when the IPC is installed in a machine or control cabinet.

The range boasts a self-diagnostics function which monitors temperature, fan speed, watchdog timer status, with front LEDs which notify the user of required maintenance before a system defect can occur, minimising the risk of production loss due to machine controller failure.

Each IPC-200 product also comes with additional power outputs – 5V DC/ 2A and 12V DC/ 2A – for external devices to save the space and cost of regulators. The range is readily expandable to support machine vision and motion control, making it particularly well-suited to industrial automation and equipment manufacturing applications requiring an ultra-compact, best cost-performance ratio controller.

Meanwhile, when paired with Advantech’s responsive local configuration services, the range can minimise time-to-market for machine builders while accelerating Industry 4.0 adoption.

The current IPC 200 portfolio is being employed in diverse applications worldwide. These range from automated optical inspection to test and measurement, and robot guidance & control.

Ken Lin, Senior Product Sales Manager at Advantech, commented: “The industrial automation market is seeing increased demand for control solutions which offer premium capacity and performance but not at the expense of compactness.

“The IPC-200 range has become a byword for efficiency and excellence across multiple applications in widely differing industrial sectors. The latest enhancements to the range will enable customers to enjoy outstanding control and performance at a competitive price point through a future-proofed solution backed by unrivalled technical support.”

For more information visit: www.advantech.eu.