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NIT WDR InGaAs IR Cameras

Typical applications for NIT WDR InGaAs IR cameras are laser beam measurements, high temperature thermography, biomedical imaging, waste sorting, security / coastal surveil-lance, etc…

Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) products from NIT are based on a proprietary Wide Dynamic Range ROIC technologies and offer a Dynamic Range (DR) of more than 140 dB in a sin-gle image without any external control.
The internal Fixed Pattern Noise correction gives high uniformity
pictures in all light conditions with no need of a Look-up table.

The NIT WDR InGaAs sensors use InGaAs photodiodes array operating from 900nm to 1700nm, with a high QE and coupled to a patented Read Out Circuit (ROIC).
The camera modules within the WiDy SWIR family offer two resolutions: QVGA (230×256) and VGA (640×512), with a choice of interfaces: USB2, USB3 and analogue (via a compo-site connection).  The digital interface versions are delivered with control and capture Software and an SDK, operating under Windows.  A Peltier cooled variant of the VGA camera with improved S/N characteristics  has just been released.

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USB3 Vision camera with Sony Pregius CMOS sensors – mvBlueFOX3-2

  • Compact industrial cameras with USB3 Vision interface
  • High quality GS-CMOS Pregius sensors
  • A choice of resolutions: 2.4MP, 3.2MP, 5.1MP, 8.9MP and 12.4MP
  • Global shutter and high dynamic range
  • Grey scale and colour versions
  • Hardware preprocessing on-board (FPGA)
  • Image memory buffer 256 MBytes
  • Excellent cost-benefit ratio

The mvBlueFOX3-2 is the new highly capable USB3 Vision family for the new sensor gen-erations. MATRIX VISION’s smallest camera offers higher resolutions and frame rates as well as camera based smart features, which reduce the load of the host system.

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DCM Lighting news

A new version of the DOM5652B lighting system is now available. Illuminate objects from camera axis to all directions, providing great amount of uniform light that eliminates highlights and shadows.

New VCU07A and VCU09A Y splitter cable sets that allow the user to power two or three lights from just one power supply cable. This is very useful in installations where there is only one VCC cable installed, but there is a need to operate two or three DCM Sistemes lighting systems.

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EVT Eye Vision Technology

Fast measurement and inspection with the EyeVision software and Sentech GigE cameras
The image processing software EyeVision now supports the GigE cameras from Sentech. With the new Video Input Channel (VIC) for Sentech cameras, EVT now offers a new im-age processing solution.  The combination of EyeVision and Sentech delivers fast meas-urement and inspection for the production plant – a feature which is in high demand, when having to detect defects and to reject faulty products in an early stage of the production process.  The Sentech GigE cameras are ideal industrial cameras with their fast frame rate and high resolution and robust construction.
The powerful team play between EyeVision software and Sentech cameras is not only suitable for fast inspection flows, such as label printing, but also for solutions for a huge number of image processing applications. These include medical engineering, as well as in the pharmaceutical industry, and also in the automotive branch and in most areas of in-dustrial automation.
Furthermore, the EyeVision 3 software allows the user, to create inspection programs with only a few mouse clicks, even without programming skills. The graphical user interface can be handled intuitively and easily. The EyeVision 3 offers the user the convenience of cre-ating their own custom commands, which can be integrated into the graphical user
interface. And with the GUI-Designer, the creation of an individual user interface is also very easy.

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