Building on the success of their industrial Systems Division, Applied Automation (UK) Ltd have added another supplier to their product portfolio, Glide-Line Conveyor Systems.

Glide-Line Conveyor Systems are based in Sounderton, Pennsylvania, USA and have been selling high quality Timing Belt and Roller Chain Conveyors since 2013. The company’s founders, who have worked in the materials handling industry for many years, had a dream, to make the best conveyor systems on the market, at great prices, with shorter delivery times than existing conveyor suppliers.

“Every now and then you come across a company that you’d really like to work with. Recently we found Glide-Line and we’re now their Preferred Integration Partner in the UK”, said Applied

Automation Director, Paul Rowe.

“Within days of becoming their Integration Partner we sold one of their conveyor systems to a UK customer and from start to finish everything went like clockwork. The Glide-Line system’s bolt on compatibility with other systems made integration both simple and easy and the completed conveyor was delivered to us in under 8 weeks. The workmanship was first class and even allowing for air freight charges the cost of this conveyor was around 25% cheaper than comparable systems made in the UK or Europe”, he continued.

“Our Industrial Systems team have enjoyed considerable success selling MayTec’s comprehensive, harmonized profile system. It’s an amazing product as the profiles can be combined in any way imaginable. Accessories provide functional and aesthetic solutions for a wide range of applications and options to integrate are as versatile as the MayTec profile system”, he concluded.

Standard MayTec components can be ordered straight from Applied Automation’s large stockholding with fast delivery options. Also, MayTec profiles can be cut to size for your own assembly, in completely assembled units or the ultimate flexibility of assembly and installation at your own site. The MayTec profile system is easy to process and quick to assemble and the flexible and modular construction, along with a plethora of accessories, makes it easy to modify and reuse at any time.

Applied’s experienced Industrial Systems team can also design a MayTec system customized to your individual needs for a vast range of applications including machine bases, machine enclosures, machine guarding work stations, assembly and inspections stations, transfer and supply trolleys, partitions and protective walls, special shelving, plant equipment, display systems and exhibition cabinets and stands.

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