Assemtech is launching a diverse range of LED safety warning lights following our partnership with the tail lift company Troonvale. Combining years of experience in tail lifts and sensor technology we have developed a group of innovative battery powered safety lights that are easily installed and low cost.

Many modern commercial vehicles use extending hydraulic platforms, ramps, canopies and stabilisers, without adequate marking these can be potentially hazardous. Installing bright pulsating warning lights is the best way to ensure that other personnel are aware of these hazards and reduce the risk of injury or damage caused by collision. Modern low power LED’S and high efficiency Lithium battery technology have enabled us to develop a highly visible range of safety lights that are fitted within minutes, negate the need for additional wiring and have an operational lifetime of up to 5 years normal daily use.

Many of the units feature automatic activation caused by the tilting action of the ramp or platform so the operator doesn’t have to remember to switch them on.
Alternative activation methods can be applied such as an internal proximity switch and externally mounted magnet for warning of lorry outriggers when they are extended and switching off when they retract. With our own various switches and sensors we are able to custom manufacture these lights to suit the customers requirements, so if you have an application where these would be useful please contact our sales team.

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