Astec Conveyors, a leading specialist in the design and manufacture of integrated materials handling systems has supplied a further high speed carton conveyor system to a major UK cereal manufacturer.

Following on from the success of previous installations, Astec were asked to design a fully integrated conveyor system to handle a range of carton sizes at high speed being discharged narrow edge leading from a checkweigher/ X-ray machine in single lane and feed the same onto the infeed of two case packers. 

On the discharge of the checkweigher/X-ray machine the Cartons are divided into two lanes via a specially designed high speed lane divider with no moving parts that has the capability to proportionally split the carton feed to either case packer. The cartons are then orientated from vertical to a horizontal position using twister conveyors to achieve the correct presentation to the case packers. On product selection via the HMI the conveyor speeds are automatically set for that specific product size.

Between the twister conveyors and the case packer in-feed, low back pressure accumulation conveyors are incorporated into the system to accommodate any possible minor downtime issues arising from the case packers. 

The system was designed to be versatile and flexible in transporting various carton sizes with minimum line disruption on product changeovers. Astec installed the conveyor system and electrical controls to provide a turnkey solution that has been successfully operating and meeting the customer’s KPI requirements.

Astec Conveyors Sales Manager Paul Fox reported, “As an independent system integrator we are committed to working closely with all our customers to increase their productivity and improve reliability of manufacturing through proven automation, information systems and sound operating procedures.”

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