The Bosch Technology Horizons Award, which aims to help close the skills gap by encouraging young people to opt for a career in engineering is open for entries. The essay writing competition is split into two age groups with cash prizes for the winners and paid work placements at a Bosch site in the UK.

In the 14-18 age group, the first prize is £700 and two weeks of work experience. In the 18-24 age group, the first prize is £1,000 and the opportunity to undertake a six months’ paid work placement at a Bosch site in the UK.

This year’s competition questions concern environmental technology and the impact of engineering on the world of sport. Entries can be submitted online at and the closing date is 20th April 2012.

Dr Peter Fouquet, President of Bosch in the UK (pictured) commented: “Robert Bosch had a vision to manufacture products which would help people in their everyday lives and we want to encourage young people to have a similar vision and understand the beneficial impact of technological innovation.”

He continued: “Engineering is about problem solving, but the fact is that we have a shortage of engineers in the UK which must be addressed if we are to solve many of the critical problems we face, such as climate change. The Bosch Technology Horizons Award is designed to show young people that engineering can be a worthwhile career which can make an enormous contribution to society and economic performance.”