The FMT 100 series give 12V and 24V versions of micro PLCs offering a mix of analogue and digital I/O whilst the FMT-200 compact series provide multiple Communication ports and additional I/O.

The FMT- 400 modular expandable programmable controller gives the user a choice of rack sizes and power options allowing it to be configured to the application requirements.

The FMT-400 provides 300k bytes of user RAM, caters for 1024 digital inputs and 1024 digital outputs. It will also accept 256, 12 bit analogue inputs and set 256, 12 bit analogue outputs  and caters for up to 8 communication ports RS 485 and RS232. The process power of the system is augmented by the provision of user functions such as 16 and 32 bit registers, timers, counters  and programmable text strings.

All Colter UK manufactured FMT range PLCs are programmed using the FLEX PC programming software which is provided free of charge.

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