Ceetak Ltd is the UK’s leading designer and supplier of heat sealing technologies for flexible packaging across all industries. Established for over 30 years, our Bedford based HQ features the facilities to design, build and test heat sealing technologies for our wide range of customers.

With 4 key technologies – Low Voltage Heat Sealing (LVH), Profiled Die Heat Sealing (PDH), Continuous Rotary Heat Sealing (CRH), and our latest development – Quick Pulse Heat Sealing (QPH); we can adapt these core technologies to find the perfect sealing solution for practically any material designed into a packaging production line.

We will be showcasing our principal technology – Quick Pulse Heat sealing – at the 2016 PPMA Total show.

QPH heat sealing technology is a cyclic system which can be used on all thermoplastic films and incorporates a unique seal bar and anvil design to create a narrow width, patterned seal for material savings with superior performance characteristics.

The first stage of the QPH sealing system is the cut and seal phase. The jaws close on the film and the desired temperature of the heated bar is reached and maintained by a designated temperature controller. This is held for the required duration and then removed.

The second stage is the cooling phase of the process. The temperature of the patterned sealed area (again monitored by the temperature controller) is cooled rapidly by a stream of water through the sealing bar provided by the thermal regulator unit of the system. The rapid heating and cooling process takes only milliseconds and this facilitates fast cycling times and increases output.

By reducing the temperature of the sealed area, the system ensures that the weld is not weakened during handling (as is possible if left to cool naturally). This seal is typically 1-1.5mm wide, showing a film material saving of approximately 10% against traditional crimp seals on the cross seal alone. The QPH sealing system ensures that heat and pressure are applied evenly across the sealing surface creating a completely fused and hermetic seal.

The unique blade and anvil design of the QPH system minimises cleaning and maintenance. The heat of the blade is carefully maintained and controlled; therefore film material is rarely burnt onto the equipment (as is common with crimp sealing jaws).

Key benefits of the QPH Sealing system versus traditional sealing methods include:

  • Less material use – at least 10% film saving compared to conventional crimp sealing (depending on size of bag)
  • Creates a strong, durable and hermetic seal
  • Improved Health & Safety for machine operators – no sharp cutting knives and no machine hotspots
  • Improved hygiene – the unique cutter design has no areas where product or film can escape and gather
  • Reduced maintenance costs and longer service life
  • Downtime and related costs reduced dramatically
  • Easily retrofitted to existing packaging machines
  • Helps increase the shelf life of fresh product
  • Capable of making pillow packs and block-bottom gusseted bags
  • Suitable for many types of product and factory  conditions

Ceetak Ltd is approved to ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 and offer a free on-site survey by our experienced engineers to recommend the best heat sealing technology solution for your particular application.

Using the latest SolidWorks, AutoCad, FEA simulation programmes and years of knowledge and expertise, we provide a full design service; from initial design concept, to building components. Ceetak can also assist in equipment installation, customer training and maintenance support.

Visit our stand for a demonstration of our heat sealing technologies and to discuss with our engineers how they can benefit your packaging production line.

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