mk’s automated cleaning station with cleaning bath is shown here as part of an assembly line for metal cyclinders.  The cylinders are loaded onto the conveyor by a customer-provided handling unit and conveyed through a cleaning solution where the cylinders are rinsed. Before removal by another handling unit, the cylinders should be cleaned of fluid and contaminants.

This solution uses mk’s KTF-P 2040 indexing chain conveyor with product specific mounting V-blocks.  The chain travels at an approximately 30° angle and moves the material into the cleaning bath and out again. Adjustable nozzles in the bath thoroughly rinse the conveyed material.  The solution can be cleaned and replaced via a circulation pump and filter system. In an enclosed compressed air cleaning station, fluid residues and contamination residues are removed from the conveyed material via flexible nozzles.

mk’s complete integrated solution provides chemical resistance due to matched materials and components, and can be provided using the customers own control system or supplied directly from mk. Different immersion options are possible through the use of suitable materials whether it be for an oil bath or a cooling bath.

mk offer an extensive range of conveyors including belt conveyors, chain conveyors, incline conveyors, timing belt and roller conveyors.

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