Customised float switches from elobau, for medical applications, are configured with the customer’s application in mind. A typical use in the medical industry would be a dialysis machine where the cleaning cycle is an essential part of the system’s function. This part of the process proves the biggest challenge for elobau’s component – after one patient’s treatment water is pumped through the machine and heated to a high temperature, this heated water flushes through the system and the clean system is ready for the next patient to begin treatment.

A miniature float switch was designed to suit this application and the customer’s functional and material specifications. Special temperature shock testing was completed by the engineering department at elobau to validate the correct design. Creating a reliable product for this application is difficult – the specific design meant that the miniature float switches were created without any epoxy in the stem of the float to ensure reliable function of the reed switch during the challenging temperature cycle. These products can be manufactured using one type of plastic like PP or PVDF and a correctly specified elobau float switch will not contaminate fresh water and has no issue with harsh chemicals.  elobau’s flexibility means that a solution can be found for all medical level measurement applications.

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