When an internationally recognised automation company needed to develop a new product for the Aerospace industry it required a professional supply partner with quality products …so it chose Drive Lines Technologies Ltd.

Bosch Rexroth Ltd, part of the Bosch group, based in Cirencester, has designed and built an innovative Vertical Personnel Platform (VPP), a height adjustable, safe working platform from which personnel could raise themselves and tools to correct working heights for intricate assembly operations.

The design required an inherently safe, self locking and controlled vertical drive mechanism to raise the lightweight aluminium modular framed platform 2.2m from its lowered position.

Drive Lines specified a screw jack system using compact Grob Antriebstechnik cubic design screw jacks, featuring a travelling safety nut and self-locking worm wheel gearbox.  R+W Antriebselemente precision line shafts and couplings provided the transmission to all four jacks in the system via spiral bevel distribution gearboxes.  A brake motor, also supplied by Drive Lines, provided the power. With a mechanically linked system the platform can be raised safely and precisely with non-uniformly distributed loads without the risk of slipping or distorting.

Drive Lines, supply partners to Bosch Rexroth, worked closely with Bosch at design and project stages and 3D models of all components were provided to create a virtual VPP before manufacture began

‘Being able to outsource  a complete technical solution in a cost effective drive package from Drive Lines helped the product to get off the ground’ said Mark Dash – Engineering Manager, Bosch Rexroth.

Bosch Rexroth has been successful with the new product range and with the support of Drive Lines has engineered a demonstration VPP which can be seen at exhibitions throughout Europe.

Drive Lines has launched their new full product overview with some additions to the comprehensive range of products including large scale actuators and linear clamping and braking elements. To get your copy contact Drive Lines Technologies at www.drivelines.co.uk, email sales@drivelines.co.uk or call 01234 360689.