Easy high-speed image processing with EyeVision on OctoCore ARM platform

Today single board computers are widely-used in industrial machine vision. These embedded boards, are very easy-to-handle when the application demands a space saving system for machine building and production plants.
EVT offers the EyeVision 3.0 image processing software already for various boards, such as Raspberry Pi, Wandboard or Odroid. The latest version is available for the OctoCore ARM of the Odroid XU4.
Therefore the software can execute inspection programs and evaluate their results extremely quickly. In addition the EyeVision 3.0 is easy to handle not only for advanced users but also for beginners, because EVT offers complete systems such as software and hardware. For the application developer the graphical user interface will stay the same on any platform.
Therefore the user can program with the drag-and-drop function also with the software on the Odroid. For this, no programming skills are required, because all commands are displayed in icons.
Also all command sets of the Basic, Standard and Professional versions of the software are available for the XU4. And of course the special command sets such as commands for code reading (DMC, QR, bar code) as well as OCR/OCV and commands for the ChipControl (quality control of semiconductors) can also be used.

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New StingRay Development Kit……..

The Coherent StingRay Development Kit enables end users, integrators, researchers, and educational labs to evaluate quickly 3D applications in which structured light lasers provide solutions.
Because of the Coherent StingRay’s world-class performance, reliability and flexibility, users can quickly configure, set up and obtain data, knowing that, from beginning to end, the Coherent StingRay will perform consistently and dependably for the lifetime of the project.
The Development Kit supports eight (8) different pattern configurations, delivering optical power from 1 mW to 100 mW and patterns from a simple dot to line lengths of 0.5 meters, while maintaining the highest level of performance and reliability.

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See below the surface with Terahertz Imaging cameras from TeraSense

Conventional cameras can only image the surface of an object. To see below the surface X-ray cameras have been used but these cameras can have safety issues and are expensive. Terahertz imaging offers a safe, flexible, compact and less expensive way of viewing below the surface of an object.  T-rays are non-ionizing, able to penetrate clothing and many other opaque materials, selectively absorbed by water and organic substances. These unique qualities make T-rays potentially much more interesting and informative than X-rays and near infrared radiation (NIR). This makes them ideal for a wide range of applications including defect detection in uniform materials and coated surfaces or identification of hidden objects. And in turn these capabilities make them particularly useful in Machine Vision applications.

Several camera types are available from TeraSense:-

  • Area cameras. Cameras are available with 256, 1024 or 4096 pixels. Pixel size is 1.5×1.5mm. Responsivity is 50kV/W and noise equivalent power is just nW/Hz. The pixel response uniformity is less than 20%.
  • High speed linear sensor with 256×1 pixels and a line rate of 5 kHz. This ultrafast linear array is ideal for machine vision applications using conveyor belts with speeds up to 15 meters per second.
  • Sub Terahertz line scan camera with 256×4 pixels and effective imaging area of 384x12mm which has an image acquisition rate of 50 fps.

Terahertz imaging can also be used in many other applications including security, medical, petrol and oil quality control and beam profile measurement of Time Domain (TDS) and Frequency Domain (FDS) generation systems.

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MvBlueFOX3-2 – Compact smart industrial camera with USB3.0 interface

The mvBlueFOX3-2 is the very latest USB3.0 Vision camera family from Matrix Vision using high quality Sony Pregius CMOS sensors with 1936 x 1216 pixels and a global shutter. Monochrome and colour versions are available.
MvBlueFOX3-2024 uses the renowned IMX174 sensor. Hardware pre-processing takes place on the camera using its versatile FPGA and on board memory buffer. This camera has an excellent cost-to-benefit ratio, and furthermore for OEM applications, a board camera version is also available.

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3-head-camera now available for mvBlueCOUGAR-X

The Gigabit Ethernet camera mvBlueCOUGAR-X is also available as a 3 head model and allows the operation of three identical sensor heads using just one base electronics. The model behaves like a single GigE Vision camera, which greatly simplifies integration. Further highlights are the precise synchronous acquisition of all sensors as well as the possibility to trigger all sensors simultaneously. Furthermore, you can set the gain and the offset of each sensor separately.

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