Keeping abreast of changes in standards, Eaton has published an updated version of its safety manual, giving plant and machine builders a comprehensive insight into functional safety technology. The latest standards, including EN ISO 13849-1 and IEC 62061, are explained clearly and numerous circuit diagram examples with the corresponding safety-related parameters are included by means of illustration. The safety-related content in the power management company’s manual has also been approved by the respected third party accreditation body TÜV Rheinland Industrie Service GmbH.
In addition to updates to the latest legal requirements, Eaton has expanded the manual to include more scenarios. The chapter ‘Emergency shutdown’ for stopping machinery in case of emergency includes variants with a variable frequency drive using the ‘Safe Torque Off’ (STO) function and disconnection with the electronic motor starters (EMS). In the section for the monitoring of movable guards, the manual also deals with the handling of non-contact safety switches. It has also been supplemented by information on emergency shutdown contact monitoring through a ‘Self-Monitoring Contact’ (SMC) in case of high risk to the operating unit. 
“People can be put in danger by machinery at any time,” explained Hubert Bennecker, Marketing Manager DACH at Eaton in Bonn. “We are therefore developing solutions that enable the safe shutdown of plant and machinery in the event of an emergency. The correct handling of components is of course the basis for the overall safe operation of machinery. We have therefore published a safety manual which helps out workers both in theory and in practice.” 
For anybody who wants to learn more about the issue of safety technology in machinery and plant construction, the manual is available for free download at