EiraTech (www.eiratech.com) the innovative Dublin-based developer of robotics solutions for the e-fulfilment sector, has previewed its latest award winning robot EiraBot 4.  The new look EiraBot – which requires no built infrastructure such as rails or conveyors to operate – plays a central role in EiraTech’s automated robotics ‘goods to person’ solution for e-fulfilment operations of all sizes.

The new look EiraBot 4 boasts increased load bearing capability of up to 350kg, while improvements in speed performance of up to 14km/hour have also been achieved.  Uniquely among current robotics and automation solutions, EiraBot does not require the installation of any major infrastructural changes to the existing warehouse environment – such as rails or conveyors – instead relying for guidance on labels placed at strategic locations on the warehouse floor, and the EiraTech robot management system, communicated to it via a supplied WiFi link.

“The EiraTech system is designed to make the very best use of valuable personnel by eliminating the 70% of their time currently wasted walking and searching, by bringing the good to them in sequence, at a ‘picking station’”, says Alexey Tabolkin, CEO at EiraTech.  “Lack of any built infrastructure associated with the EiraBot means a much shorter deployment time for merchants and 3PLs, but also allows for ease of expansion, contraction, and/or moving if necessary as your needs grow and change.  Our business model can build in the periods of peaks and troughs of activity that many online enterprise experience if required.”

EiraTech is based at a state of the art development centre, including a simulated warehouse environment, in Dublin Ireland.


EiraTech Robotics Fact Sheet

EiraTech Solution comprises

  • EiraBot v.4:

    • Height: 280mm
    • Weight: 140 kg
    • Lifting capacity: 350kg
    • Maximum speed: 14km/h
    • Runtime per charge: 10 hours


  • Shuttle racks:

    • Shuttle racks design to accommodate goods of all sizes and shapes by removing cells


  • Picking stations
  • Charging stations – to which EiraBots will automatically return to recharge
  • Security fencing
  • Server
  • Software including the Robotics Handling system, integration software and big data analysis reporting
  • Communications: own dedicated WiFi network


How the EiraTech Solution Works


The EiraTech solution targets the 70% of a picker’s time that is wasted walking around a warehouse or searching for an item.

  • Orders are transmitted from the Warehouse Management System to the Eiratech system.  Orders can be consolidated or processed sequentially.
  • The Robot Handling System dispatches the EiraBots to retrieve the racks that hold the items being ordered.
  • When the rack arrives at the picking station the picker is guided by a light system as to which cell location the item required is in.
  • The picker scans the item to confirm it is the correct item and then places the item for packing on a pick by light rack. Once the item is scanned the Eirabot will bring the rack back to its allocated position.


The EiraTech Difference

  • No major infrastructure changes or installations required and can operate within any existing warehouse environment
  • Scalable and flexible which means you get what you need for the short term and then let the system grow with the operation eliminating any wasted capacity
  • Easily transferred so it can be moved and or adapted when required
  • Robotics as a Service model enables fast growing operations, with limited capital resources, to capitalise on the technology that was previously just available to larger operators.


Robotics in Supply Chain Automation and E-Fulfilment

  • Explosive growth in Internet retailing
  • Ease of purchase creates increased demand
  • Consumer demand for ever shorter delivery times
  • Demand for efficiency, accuracy and faster turnaround from retailers
  • Robotics and automation resolve these issues
  • 74% of companies surveyed will adopt robotics in the supply chain within the next 6-10 years (Source: MHI Report 2016)


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