Material handling plays a pivotal role in manufacturing, warehouse and distribution processes, and in such fast-paced industries, automation is replacing manual handling in favour of more efficient systems.

Manufacturing, storage and dispatch all require planning to consider the best procedure for movement, which can be in many forms from conveyor belts to fork lifts, cranes, industrial robots and more.

To guarantee faster, high performing and cost saving systems however, automation equipment manufacturers must not overlook electromagnetic interference. 

“These applications are capable of emitting RFI as well as being susceptible to performance issues caused by incoming RFI”, explains Tom Downing, Product Manager at Roxburgh EMC. “The latest European Directive (2014/30/EU) has the primary requirement of protecting the electromagnetic spectrum, but also requires that devices be immune to a normal level of interference. In the UK, penalties for non-compliance with 2014/30/EU can include 3 months imprisonment and a £5000 fine but usually involves a product recall and replacement.”

Roxburgh’s EMC/EMI filters are suitable for such applications to allow systems to perform reliably and comply with 2014/30/EU. Our industrial filter ranges are available in single phase, three phase and three phase and neutral types, with current ratings up to 820A and voltage ratings up to 690V. Even in particularly noisy environments, our high performance filters will ensure compliance with 2014/30/EU and reduce the likelihood of system errors caused by RFI.

In addition, we can support our customers with pre-compliance EMC testing in our UK laboratory. Take advantage of this for peace of mind that your product meets safety directives after our accurate tests and experienced engineers help you to determine the simplest and most cost-effective solution.

Our Industrial EMC Filters
KMF – Three Phase Industrial Mains Filters
KMFA – Three Phase High Performance Mains Filters for Drives Applications
KMFV – Three Phase High Voltage Mains Filters
MIF – Single Phase Multi-stage Drive Filters
MIF3 – Three Phase Multi-stage Drive Filters

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