The compact housing of Patlite’s ME series signal towers is made of non-corrosive anodised aluminium and has a diameter of only 25mm. Clear lenses with a patented prism facet and high-power coloured LEDs provide for optimal luminous efficiency.

The compact signal towers of the ME series are suitable for smaller machines such as printers or assembly systems for watches, as well as for medical equipment. The modules are manufactured from temperature-resistant, highly impact-resistant polycarbonate resin. This material features an extremely long service life and excellent light transmittance. The patented double reflection system, a special prism facet of the hybrid glass domes, provides for better visibility from all directions and from afar. Patlite offers the LED modules in red, yellow, green, blue and white (or transparent); up to five modules can be stacked on the base unit.

The column body is available in lengths of either 40 or 200mm. Special colour combinations, wiring, installation or switching can be implemented by Patlite prior to delivery, on request.