e2v’s next generation of line scan cameras are setting new, high standards for line rate and image quality. Thanks to e2v’s recently developed multi-line CMOS technology, the camera provides an unmatched 100,000 lines/s and combines high response with an extremely low noise level; this delivers high signal to noise ratio even when short integration times are required or when illumination is limited. The 5µm pixel size is arranged in four active lines, ensuring optimal spatial resolution in both scanning and sensor directions with standard F-mount lenses. Vertical and horizontal binning functions allow the camera to be operated in an 8,192 pixels, 5µm x 5µm pixel pitch, 4 active CMOS lines mode or 4,096 pixels, 10µm x 10 µm pixel pitch, 2 active CMOS lines mode depending on the user settings. This versatile feature sets new standard for the next generation machine vision systems.

e2v multiline CMOS sensor technology is an inexpensive alternative to TDI CCD line scan cameras.
Applications include: – 

  • Raw material surface inspection
  • General inspection
  • Flat panel display inspection
  • PCB inspection
  • Solar cell inspection
  • Parcel and postal sorting
  • High resolution document scanning
  • Print and paper inspection

More information is available from our website www.alrad.co.uk

BitFlow Cyton-CXP powerful frame grabber for Machine Vision

The new Cyton-CXP4 is BitFlow’s third frame grabber based on the CXP standard. The board is capable of four links at full CXP speed (6.25 Gb/s). CXP also allows control commands, triggers and power to be sent to and from cameras over the same coaxial cable. Also, the Cyton–CXP4 contains a fifth CXP connector serving as a high speed uplink capable of running the full 6.25 Gb/s from the frame grabber to the camera.  This new grabber is based on BitFlow’s brand new PCIe Gen 2.0 platform.


New USB3.0 camera series from Sentech

Alrad is proud to present the Sentech STC-MBA5MUSB3, a member of the brand new USB 3.0 camera series. The monochrome CMOS USB 3.0 camera is available in a 1/2.5′ CMOS sensor with a 5MP to VGA scalable resolution and 14 to 123 fps. This low cost, high performance camera is compatible with all standard industry drivers, and comes with the Sentech Viewing Software and SDK.

  • 1/2.5in CMOS Aptina Sensor
  • 5 Megapixel to VGA Scalable Resolution
  • Low Cost
  • Very Compact Size

Alrad win recognition from Coherent

The award was presented to Alrad as recognition of achieving the highest ‘year on year’ growth (in terms of % increase) amongst Coherent’s European ‘Machine Vision’ distribution network

New range of CXP cameras from high resolution camera experts ISVI-Corp

ISVI have introduced two CoaXPress (CXP) output cameras, to complement their CameraLink models. The IC-X25CXP is a 25 Megapixel camera offering an output of 53 fps. The IC-X12CXP is a 12 Megapixel camera with an output of 175 fps. The cameras have a 10 Tap output. 
CoaXPress is new technology, here using 4 coaxial cables or channels where each channel can transmit up to 6.25Gbs giving a maximum of 25Gbps for all 4 channels. Using the Coaxial cables will increase the data bandwidth and the distance – with cables up to 40 m compared to the maximum of 10m for a standard CameraLink link cable. 
The ISVI cameras are available in Monochrome or Colour 8bits / 10bits Raw Bayer, with auto or manual white balance, Gamma setting low noise and high dynamics range, with 25G shock and vibration. 

ISVI Corp specializes in advanced camera technology for the High-resolution and Fast-speed cameras used for Automation, High Speed Inspection, PCB and Wafer Inspection.

Compact GigE Vision cameras and EyeVision software for your Machine Vision solution

The Imaging Source has introduced a range of compact GigE Vision cameras (dimensions are just 29 x 29 x 59mm).

The Imaging Source ‘23’ Series GigE Vision cameras are the perfect solution for many industrial automation, quality assurance, security, surveillance, and medical applications. Utilizing a wide selection of monochrome and colour CCD and CMOS sensors with resolutions from VGA up to 5 Megapixels, and speeds up to 120fps, these cameras feature a variety of input/output, strobe, and trigger options via an external Hirose connector. Thus the ‘23’ camera series from The Imaging Source is a highly versatile imaging solution at a price you can afford.
EyeVision from EVT (Karlsruhe, Germany) is distinguished by its ‘Drag-&-Drop’ programming via graphic user interface. EyeVision is the one software for all hardware platforms – from vision sensors via the smart camera series up to the PC-platforms with GigE Vision, USB, Firewire and CameraLink interfaces.
In addition EyeVision supports all 32Bit Windows-solutions as well as all 64Bit operating systems such as Windows x64 and also Linux x64.

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