Printed date codes providing expiry or use by information are a legislative requirement for most food products and are often an area of concern for manufacturers. Incorrectly coded products, missing codes or codes which are not legible can all be common issues experienced during the printing process. Products entering the supply chain with code errors can cause major issues for manufacturers ranging from costly product recalls, supermarket fines and damage to brand reputation.

Omron’s new vision sensor is a solution to inspect for these issues and provide piece of mind that 100% of the product that leaves your factory has been inspected for errors. Utilising vision sensor technology, Omron’s new FQ2 provides all the functionality needed to check printed date codes, without the complexity or price tag of traditional inspection solutions.

Utilising a new OCV (Optical Character Verification) inspection tool, which requires no pre-training of character fonts, enables the system to be configured with very little effort and without the need for vision programming experience. The FQ2 has pre-trained fonts for all common printing methods including thermal inkjet (TIJ), hot stamp, inkjet and laser marker printers and will even compensate for skewed or unevenly spaced characters automatically.

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