The EA has confirmed that a list of compliant organisations has been published in the public domain – a mandatory requirement under the scheme

Those 5939 firms who complied by the 29th January are listed on the EA website, including their company name and date of compliance. Whilst commercially sensitive information is hidden, the EA has published details such as whether firms had 12 months’ of energy consumption data to use during their audits and analysis.

The full list can be accessed here:

  • Select ‘Resource locator’
  • Select Direct link
  • Download excel file.

What if I’m on the naughty list?

The Environment Agency does not yet have plans to publish a ‘naughty list’ of those non-compliant firms – but that doesn’t mean enforcement action isn’t underway.

Although financial penalties are a last resort, the EA is already taking action to ensure businesses comply with the mandatory scheme, with enforcement notices the preferred route to bring businesses into compliance.

The EA has also explained that they will also be investigating any incidences of firms who submitted notifications of compliance yet who have provided non-compliant information. These instances will be addressed in compliance auditing over the next four years.

The message from the Environment Agency is clear: they will be making sure all businesses are fully compliant with ESOS: it’s simply a case of when, not if.