Eriks UK & Ireland has launched a new, Industry 4.0 compatible condition monitoring system for the remote access and predictive maintenance of critical assets.

The e-Connect – which provides 24/7 visibility for operators, engineers, and maintenance managers – monitors and gathers the data of crucial assets to provide insight into condition, behaviour and performance. This information can then be analysed by operators, who can use their findings to reduce the downtime and costs associated with unexpected maintenance and repairs.

The e-Connect is currently available in five versions, from a basic check and alarm to an advanced diagnostic and prognostic evaluation system. Users can specify the most suitable – and therefore most cost-effective – version depending on their needs. Each version can handle four, six or eight channels as standard, and can be extended, depending on the application.

The e-Connect can provide real-time information on a number of process variables, including: pressure, vibration, speed, viscosity, and current. Depending on the version specified, users may also receive this information remotely in order to supervise the performance of an asset, even when off-site.

In line with the latest advances in Industry 4.0 technology, the e-Connect enables users to adopt a predictive maintenance strategy by identifying and removing the root causes of machine failures before they impact production. Preventative maintenance support is provided through warnings of imminent failures or underperforming equipment, with additional functionality for predictive stocking, spares supply chain, near-miss analytics and big data analyses also available.

For added functionality and insight, users can connect the system to ERIKS’ know-how cloud-based platform. This provides access to technical advice, as well as on-going monitoring, maintenance and data interpretation support.

David Manning-Ohren, condition monitoring manager at ERIKS, says: “Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the industry and its needs, we have been able to design a system that covers many aspects of Industry 4.0, such as condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and data analysis.

“The e-Connect system helps users to improve their visibility and awareness of crucial assets located both on and off-site, whether they be a fluid-handling system or a machining centre for parts.

“Condition monitoring of this nature is this year’s must-have technology, not least because of the efficiency, productivity and safety gains that can be made through its implementation. E-Connect offers these, and more, making it a solid investment for plant managers across UK manufacturing.”

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