IO-Link modules for more inputs and outputs
Now you can connect even more devices to IO-Link to streamline your production with the expanding range of modules from ifm electronic Ltd. The AL2 series modules plug directly into just one port of an IO-Link fieldbus master yet can connect up to twenty standard sensors, example, to that one port.
Clearly not every sensor or output device is fitted with the latest IO-Link technology, and they would be costly to replace, so users considering adding IO-Link to their fieldbus may be put off without cause. IO-Link offers numerous benefits, and these can be extended to standard devices while saving wiring, simply by using the ifm AL2 field modules.
The variety of choice on offer provides for smaller units with four or eight M8 ports, or up to ten M12 ports, many with dual inputs for 20 signals. These are supplied as input or output connections, and the module housings are in two finishes suitable for either general-purpose manufacturing or washdown environments.
Further features are also included, programmable over IO-Link, which make the use of these modules so much more advantageous. Filters, for example to de-bounce a signal, hold or invert it can be combined to enhance the control over an input; all at a local level with no impact on the PLC.
With all these advanatges, IO-Link can form a smart control system with two-way communication between field devices and PLC, and at the same time act as a wiring reduction, with fringe benefits!
ifm is committed to working closely with its customers to develop products which precisely match their needs, and the company provides expert, readily accessible technical support to help users maximise the benefits they gain from ifm products.