Automation distributor, TM Robotics has introduced a new integrated feeding system to the market with the launch of the Supata . Developed by EPF Automation, the Supata is a robotic solution that addresses the limitations of standalone vibratory feeders. Through integration of a customizable Shibaura Machine industrial robot, the system can deliver fast and precise component handling for a number of industries.

✔️ <10mm to 250mm components
✔️ Up to 230g in weight
✔️ Vision system with AI
✔️ Shibaura Machine robot
✔️ Up to 20% productivity gains
✔️ Reduced costs
✔️ Versatility to integrate into new and existing production lines

The Supata consists of a feeding system, a vision system, a robotic handling system, and a control system (HMI). Its vibratory Smart Feeder system, made up of a vibrating table and a hopper, allows it to handle components of various sizes, shape or material.

The machine comes with a vision system with artificial intelligence (AI) for accurate recognition and high precision. With this technology, algorithms are able to identify and locate components on the vibratory plane using a camera, and pass coordinates on to the robot for picking.

The Supata comes equipped with a Shibaura Machine robot as its handling system. Users can customize this by choosing 6-axis, SCARA, or collaborative robots depending on their requirements.
Latest robot models from Shibaura Machine

The THE600 is the latest Shibaura Machine SCARA robot on the UK market. As the price-to-performance leader on the SCARA robot market, the THE600 boasts impressive cycle times and a 60 per cent higher payload than competing models. The range can be found on the TM Robotics website.

The robot is paired with the new TS5000 robot controller from Shibaura Machine. Following years of development, the TS5000 has been designed to improve robot precision and further shorten cycle times. With enhanced communication functions between the robot and controller, the TS5000 allows the robot to be integrated seamlessly into a smart factory environment. More information on the controller can be found here.

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