Pilz is launching the PROBms force and pressure measurement system for validating human-robot collaborations (HRC) in accordance with ISO/TS 15066 (Robots and robotic devices. Collaborative robots). The PROBms enables users to measure and validate the limit values for force or pressure of the collaborative robot movement, as specified by ISO/TS 15066. To complement the hardware, Pilz has developed dedicated software and training.

The PROBms is suitable for all HRC applications in which humans and robots share a workspace, in accordance with ISO/TS 15066. These include pick-and-place applications in the automotive and electronics industry, for example.

The PROBms system is available from Pilz worldwide on a rental basis. The rental concept includes maintenance, calibration and regular updates, so users always have access to a fully functional, state-of-the-art measurement system. The new measurements that are needed when an HRC process is changed can be carried out independently at any time. That increases the availability of robot applications, as well as the productivity of such applications.

In addition to the PROBmdf measurement device, the PROBms force and pressure measurement system also contains the necessary pressure indicating films, a scanner, nine springs with different force constants to recreate the various body regions, and software to operate the measurement device and record the measurements. The set also includes a one-day training course and a comprehensive aftersales package including maintenance, calibration and regular software updates.

ISO/TS 15066 specifies force and pressure measurements for robot movements in collaborative applications. The Technical Specification provides limit values for each part of the body in the event of a collision between human and machine. If the application remains within these limits during contact between human and robot, it conforms to the specification. The new PROBms measurement system means that for the first time these values can be recorded precisely, suitable for industrial use, and can be taken into consideration when setting up cobot applications. This significantly increases safety when cobots are being introduced for the first time or being configured for new tasks.

Follow the link for more information about the PROBms force and pressure measurement system or alternatively contact Pilz on 01536 460766, email services@pilz.co.uk.