The new gadget-based Empirica Dashboard module adds a new level of reporting capability to Chess Logistics Technology’s Empirica WMS, and provides users with a configurable way to view a wide range of real-time performance indicators and metrics in a single screen on any web browser.

The Dashboard reporting module is designed to be used by operational managers and supervisors who need accurate, real time data to make key decisions in a fast paced operation. While Empirica WMS already offers extensive reporting and analysis, the new graphical presentation of the Dashboard Module means supervisors can readily monitor real time activity across several functions based on pre-selected criteria. The graphics and familiar gadgetry make ‘at a glance’ scrutiny possible in a brief time window to facilitate overall review of current performance.

The real time displays cover a range of warehouse activities including receipt, order and despatch analysis, operative performance, tasks in progress and completed, stock age analysis, pick rates, problem tasks and empty space availability. There are also real time metrics on critical IT systems data such as current user logons, system interface status and database space availability. The module supports all major gadget types including ticker, bar and pie charts, speedometers, fuel gauges, grids and indicator bars, with a configurable user level display, enabling creation of an individual data ‘profile’. This includes visual layout, which can display between four and eight gadgets, data content (max, min and top N) and refresh rate which can both be set at gadget level to ensure operational relevance.

Empirica WMS is an advanced product with extensive standard reporting on stock, work in progress labour usage and traceability. The Dashboard feature extends the range of add-on reporting available with Empirica, which includes modules for labour targeting and forecasting, KPI supplier/carrier analysis and web-based stock management.