Sensors from Leuze electronic are being used to enhance safety at work on a conveyor system at a new finished goods warehouse of food supplier Steinhaus

High quality and fresh delicatessen goods are in demand and this is reflected in Steinhaus’ continuous growth. In 1985, the Remscheid-based company established the market for high end convenience food, and today, still maintain a leading position in the market. Playing no small role here are the logistics. After all, these are fresh products which need to reach retailers and customers quickly.

In the past 11 years, Förster & Krause has helped shape material flow at Steinhaus by, among other ways, constructing buffer and container warehouses, container transport systems and conveyor lines for the provision of goods. Often, existing system parts and components could be reused, thereby reducing the investment expense.

In 2011, Steinhaus again took over warehousing of the finished products, including order picking and shipping, something that had previously been delegated to a service provider. The entire warehousing and order picking area is held at a temperature of 4°C. In the two story building, Förster & Krause implemented a conveyor system with numerous buffer segments which permit very flexible order picking. Longer conveyor lines are negotiated on both stories overhead on the second level.

To guard point of operations, the MLD Multiple Light Beam Safety Devices from Leuze electronic are used. Important functions, such as start/restart interlock and contactor monitoring, are already integrated in the devices and, if necessary, various muting modes can be selected. As a result, MLD can be used both for simple access guarding as well as for muting. The need for additional muting devices is eliminated, thereby simplifying the design and lowering costs. Furthermore, the safety sensor with the new BT-240 swivel mount can be flexibly rotated 240° around its own axis, simply aligned and reliably mounted.

Goal: maximum freshness

From the perspective of the customer, the new finished goods warehouse offers the great advantage that Steinhaus can now also deliver smaller order quantities and mixed pallets. With this flexibility, it is hoped that retail customers will expand their offerings with Steinhaus products in order to test their acceptance with the end consumer, for example. In addition, by ordering smaller quantities more often, the products are fresher, particularly at smaller retail companies. This is an important goal of Steinhaus, one which was met entirely thanks to the new warehousing and order picking technology.

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