At a time when all the pubs are shut, pouring that perfect pint can prove impossible. igus has solved this problem by providing an easy to use tool for programming its robolink DP robotic arm to ensure it is spot-on every time.

With the new Robot Control system, you too can program any of igus’ robots via a simple to use Graphical User Interface (GUI). Whether it is a 4-/5-/6-axis robolink robotic arm, 3-/4-axis drylin linear robot or drylin delta robot, all you need is to install the software onto your laptop or PC running Windows. Additional requirements are a 24V external power supply and the necessary gripper and safety components.

You can also teach the robot, what is known as ‘teach-in programming’, by moving it manually into the desired positions that you want. The steps are repeated until the required motion profile is recorded. You can also complete the program with commands via digital inputs and outputs or program flow commands. The integrated program editor enables you to fine tune the movement program.

The range of motion of the robot is restricted by the settings of the ‘virtual box’. This functionality helps to avoid mechanical damage and, depending on the application, simplifies programming. If a program violates the virtual box, it is stopped with an error message.

To watch the video, please follow this link: