Two Hughes Pumps high-pressure water-jetting systems have recently been delivered to the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CEYPETCO) for use at its Sapugaskanda, Sri Lanka refinery – from where the company processes and distributes approximately two million metric tons of light crude oil each year.

The two HPS2200 DST systems, each with a performance of 75lpm at 1000bar, will be used for heavy duty water jetting applications across the refinery site, including the descaling heat exchanger tubes, the cleaning of process lines and tanks, and general plant housekeeping.

Hughes’ high pressure water jetting technology is particularly suited to this type of cleaning application, as it leaves a polished finish in the heat exchanger tubes making it more difficult for scale to build up. Such thorough cleaning also improves heat transfer in the heat exchangers, allowing the process to operate more efficiently and cost effectively.
High-pressure water jets at 1000bar travel in excess of 400 m/sec (900 mph), which is faster than the speed of sound! Impact from such a water jet will shatter and remove the toughest scale which builds up on the inside of heat exchanger tubes, without damage to the tubes themselves.
Mechanical methods are slow and can damage the heat exchanger tubes; chemical cleaning too is slow and produces large amounts of chemical waste that requires costly disposal.
UK high-pressure water jetting/pumping systems manufacturer Hughes Pumps manufacturers water jetting pumps and equipment for sensitive cleaning applications that operate at pressures up to 2750 bar (40,000psi). Hughes has a longstanding relationship with CEYPETCO having supplied a number of similar systems over the past 20 years.
With more than 40 years experience, Hughes is the only company in the UK to manufacture a complete range of high pressure pumps in house, giving it complete control of lead times, quality, development, spare parts stock holding and vital after sales support.