The new DP2122 mini-display module from ifm electronic transforms any sensor that provides a pulse output into a speed monitor with a local display and two user-adjustable switching setpoints. Not only does this provide a versatile and cost-effective solution for a wide range of speed monitoring applications, it also greatly reduces the processing load on the control system PLC compared with using the PLC to directly evaluate pulses from the sensor as a way of determining speed.

Typical applications for the DP1222 module include monitoring the operation of belt and screw conveyors, fans, centrifuges, separators and other equipment where speed must be maintained within a specified operating range.

Equally suitable for use with inductive, capacitive and photoelectric sensors, the DP2122 module has an M12 connector which means that it can either be directly mounted on the sensor or connected to it with a standard cable. It provides two switching outputs which can be configured as normally open or normally closed, plus an IO-Link interface that provides continuous real-time transmission of the speed value. The IO-Link interface can also be used to configure the module, or alternatively setting can be carried out using the integral pushbuttons.

The four-digit LED display provided by the DP2122 module shows the current speed in green when this is in the range between the upper and lower switching points, and red when it is outside this range, thereby providing an instant visual indication of abnormal operating conditions. Separate LEDs are provided to confirm that the module is powered, and to show the status of the switching outputs.

ifm’s new DP2122 mini-display module has an IP67 ingress protection rating and an operating temperature range of -25 to +60 ºC, making it suitable for use in all industrial environments.