The new LDL101 conductivity sensor from ifm electronic accurately measures conductivity levels as low as 0.04 µS/cm, as well as offering high resolution that allows even small deviations from target values to be detected reliably. These features make the LDL101 an ideal choice for monitoring water quality where the highest level of purity is a critical requirement. The sensors have EHEDG hygienic approval and 3A certification is pending.

Typical application areas are in the food and beverage industries, in the pharmaceutical sector, in the manufacture of semiconductors, and in energy production.

Completely self-contained, LDL101 conductivity sensors have a measuring range of 0.04 to 1,000 µS/cm and feature an IO-Link digital interface that allows measurements to be transferred accurately to the control system even in the presence of high levels of electrical noise. The IO-Link interface can also be used to set scaling factors and other operational parameters.

The sensor bodies are manufactured from high-grade corrosion-resistant stainless-steel and have a standard G1/2 external thread. As an aid to easy installation, ifm offers an extensive range of optional mounting adaptors for pipes and tanks.

To facilitate use even in demanding environments, including those where CIP is used, the LDL101 sensors have an IP68 ingress protection rating and a wide operating temperature range of -25 to +100 ºC, which is further extended to +150 ºC for a maximum period of one hour. In addition, they have a pressure withstand capability of 16 bar.