Teledyne DALSA’s latest Sapera™ Vision Software suite delivers a new AI module giving you the ability to train neural networks with multiple deep learning architectures . Building on Sapera’s field proven image acquisition, control, processing and analysis functions, it empowers you to design, develop and deploy high-performance machine vision applications.

The Sapera AI SDK contains essential core development modules plus AI runtimes and a dedicated training application (Astrocyte) with a highly flexible graphical user interface that allows you to easily use  your own images to build and train models to use at runtime.


AI Training Graphical Tool

Astrocyte™ is an application based on artificial intelligence dedicated to training neural networks on 2D images for various applications. Through a highly-flexible graphical user interface users can bring in their own image samples and train neural networks to perform to perform classification, object detection, segmentation and noise reduction. Astrocyte allows visualizing and interpreting models for performance/accuracy as well as exporting these models to files for later use at runtime with Sapera Processing.


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