The oil and gas industry is one of the most safety critical industries in the world. One of the key areas of responsibility for employees in this sector is in respiratory protection.

A small leak of gas can damage health, large leaks can be fatal and low oxygen levels in confined spaces can quickly lead to unconsciousness and death. Selecting the right respiratory protection equipment is vital and ensuring that employees can work safely for extended periods of time is just as important.

Scott Safety has developed the Scott Safety Modulair Max high capacity airline trolley system. This trolley system enables a safe system for supplying air for those working on offshore oil rigs or onshore refinery environments where the need for long duration respiratory protection exists.

The Modulair Max is a high capacity airline trolley system that provides air for up to four simultaneous users and is approved to supply air with lengths of airline hose up to 105m. Built to be compatible with 2 x 45 litre cylinders giving 24,500 litres of air or 2 x 50 litre cylinders giving 27,000 litres of air, the system is capable of supplying in excess of ten man hours of breathing air. Options include an AFU for filtering an external air supply, a DS4 electronic low air alarm to signal if that external air supply is failing and forklift brackets to enable easy loading of the unit.

Confined spaces are one of the most prevalent dangers in industry, with a number of contributing factors such as a lack of oxygen, poisonous gas, fume or vapour build-up and liquids and solids that can suddenly fill the space or release gases. The Modulair Max trolley system provides a portable compressed air supply system for the users of airline breathing apparatus and is well suited for working in restricted access areas.