Management consultant Kenny Fraser of Sunstone Communications is to lead a panel debate at the Mobility of Things 2014 conference in London this week (18th September) where he will be extoling the disruptive virtues of IOT (Internet of Things – the connection of physical things via the internet).

Kenny said: “Until now the main focus of IOT has been towards wearable technology and home/car applications. However, the impact on business and industry is likely to be several times more impactful. It will cover everything from livestock to robots to infrastructure.” He added: “There are currently some very exciting developments where many back office functions (such as accounting, supply chain, cash flow, CRM and ERP) are being rewritten so they can feed off IOT data. This is ‘giving a voice’ to the silent partners in business and industry – the physical devices we rely on to produce our wealth.”

“Data gleaned from these technologies will prove invaluable in improving processes and efficiency. A good example is start-up Appointedd. They have taken the back office function of appointment booking and using the data gathered to fuel better customer management and increased sales. The next big trend in IOT is likely to be industry solutions. For example, there are now literally hundreds of apps available for the construction sector alone”

Sunstone Communication is a Glasgow-based management consultancy advising and mentoring companies in the digital and mobile space.