We will be exhibiting at PHOTONEX 2012 which is to be held at the RICOH ARENA, Coventry between 17 -18 October 2012. This is the premier Photonics exhibition in the UK. Make sure you visit us on Stand C10 and see our product demonstrations and talk to our experienced staff about your photonics application. 

Alrad will be showing a range of CCD and CMOS cameras for use in Industrial applications as well as suitable illumination systems. Also a range of low power laser modules incl. spot & line emitters and structured light lasers, offered in a variety of wavelengths and output powers to suit the application.

Line Lasers for Machine Vision Offer Improved Performance

ALRAD is pleased to announce the introduction of a new range of diode-laser based line generators which deliver enhanced flexibility, output optimization capabilities, and extended lifetimes.  This series of new line lasers, called the StingRay, manufactured by COHERENT INC, will enable the construction of faster and more accurate machine vision systems that utilize 3D triangulation.

The StingRay series mates a diode laser with high performance electronics and precision refractive optics for collimation and line generation covering the widest available range of fan angles.  They also incorporate optional diffractive elements for creating complex output patterns.  StingRay models are available with output powers as high as 200 mW, at key wavelengths from 514 nm to 830 nm including the popular 635 nm and 660 nm lines.

Motorized Watt Pilot – Attenuator

Motorized Watt Pilot is a computer controlled laser beam attenuation device. It attenuates free space laser beam/pulse continuously without introducing additional energy fluctuations. 

Despite its stand alone look, Watt Pilot is very compact and it can be easily integrated in custom optical system.

Product assembling instruction is shown in 360o view tab. Operation principles are described in User manual

Thermopile Infrared detection

Dexter Research Centre is a leader in the manufacture of high quality; high output Bismuth Antimony thin film and Silicon based infrared sensing thermopiles.
Thermopiles have a very wide spectral response from the UV to the far infra red and the wavelength of response can be limited by the addition of various filters or windows which can be either be built into the detector encapsulation or can be external.

Thermopile detectors are voltage-generating devices, which can be thought of as miniature arrays of thermocouple junctions. Dexter detectors are hermetically sealed in TO-18, to-5 or TO-8 transistor type packages, purged with inert gas and heat treated to ensure long term stability. Since the detector acts as pure resistance,
it generates no 1/f or microphonic noise, but only the Johnson noise of its own resistance.

Applications for thermopiles are limitless, but include:-

  • Non contact temperature measurement
  • Gas analysis
  • Hazard control including flame and explosion detection
  • Horizon Sensors

Compact GigE cameras at a price you can afford

The Imaging Source has introduced a range of compact GigE Vision cameras (dimensions are just 29 x 29 x 59mm).

The Imaging Source ‘23’ Series GigE Vision cameras are the perfect solution for many industrial automation, quality assurance, security, surveillance, and medical applications. Utilizing a wide selection of monochrome and colour CCD and CMOS sensors with resolutions from VGA up to 5 Megapixels, and speeds up to 120fps, these cameras feature a variety of input/output, strobe, and trigger options via an external Hirose port. Thus the ‘23’ camera series from The Imaging Source is a highly versatile imaging solution at a price you can afford.

High power laser diode drivers

IXYS Corporation produces drivers for high power laser diodes either pulsed or quasi-CW mode, with pulse widths of 6ns to 10mS, and peak currents from 1A to 200A.
Applications include…  laser range finders, laser speed detectors, LIDAR, imaging and driving diode pumped solid-state lasers.


The PCX-7420 is just one of an extensive range of high power laser diode drivers. The unit is an air-cooled, high power CW/QCW bench top current source. With a selectable output current pulse range from 0.05 to 21.5 Amps.  

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