Alrad Imaging and Matrix Vision join forces at PPMA 2016 show displaying several machine vision innovations including a new smart camera, the latest 12 megapixel USB3 Vision camera based on the Sony Pregius CMOS sensor family and a selection of their board level cameras for OEM applications.

mvBlueGEMINI – Tool box technology camera

  • Web-based software solution
  • Save time with automatic tool selection
  • Matching software and hardware
  • Extendable using customer specific tools
  • Powered by HALCON
  • Easy to adapt GUI
  • Multi-language GUI
  • IP67 version available

With the twin concept consisting of the mvBlueGEMINI smart camera and the software mvIMPACT-CS, the industrial image processing becomes faster and more productive.
MATRIX VISION enables beginners, professional users, and system integrators to realize applications in an highly
efficient way. This modern technology connects hardware and software you’ve never seen
before and is both innovative and easy to use.

The software mvIMPACT Configuration Studio, or simply mvIMPACT-CS, is matched to the mvBlueGEMINI and delivers what it promises. It comes
pre-installed on the camera and forms a unity with the hardware. So “plug & work” with mvIMPACT-CS is a reality for beginners, advanced users and for image processing professionals.

The browser-based software has a user-friendly menu navigation.
Applications can be developed in a very intuitive way. An application
consists of individual tools like “Acquire image”, “Find object”, etc. which are based on the image processing library HALCON.

All available tools are grouped in the toolbox, from which the user can
select those suitable to solve various tasks. Furthermore, tasks can be trained with the software choosing the right algorithms and setting the matching parameters. Image processing knowhow is, consequently, not an absolute requirement. 

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New Sentech fast USB3Vision camera with Pregius sensor.

Sentech continue introducing new models featuring the new GS-CMOS Pregius family of sensors from Sony.  One of the recent additions is based on the IMX174 sensor, with 1920×1200 (2.3MP) resolution, and 163fps at full resolution, thanks to the fast USB3Vision interface.  The camera can be operated in a user-defined ROI and can achieve 378fps at 640×480 (VGA) resolution. The global shutter is particularly good at capturing moving objects.  Multiple trigger options are available.  The high speed capability makes it one of the best performers in its class.  The sensor format is 1/1.2”, which requires 1” format lenses when operating at full resolution.  The camera comes with user-friendly software and SDK (via download).  Both monochrome and colour versions are available, as STC-MBS241U3V and STC-MCS241U3V respectively.  The cameras are supplied as a very compact 28x28x40mm industrial package fitted with a C-mount.

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UNiiQA+ colour e2v’s new UNiiQA+ family

UNiiQA+ line scan cameras have been specifically designed to bring affordable, flexible and simple high speed solutions to your current inspection or sorting system. The broad choice of UNiiQA+ cameras offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution at multiple price points in order to accommodate any performance requirement and any budget:

  • Essential models –  designed for low speed or cost effective applications, with Camera Link® interface
  • High-speed models –  for high speed applications, available with Camera Link® or frame grabber-less interface (from the end of 2016 

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Machine Vision Lenses

RICOH Imaging, who have taken over the highly regarded Pentax lens portfolio, have developed some new optics for Machine Vision applications.  The 9MP series released at the end of last year has now been expanded to include two new focal lengths: 12mm and 16mm, in addition to the 25, 35, 50 and 75mm models.

These lenses have been optimised for 3.69 µm pixel pitch and will work with up to 1” format sensors, making them ideal for the new generation of large, high resolution sensors such as the SONY GS-CMOS Pregius family.  135lp/mm performance from centre to the periphery combined with even light distribution and high contrast, makes them ideal not just for Machine Vision, but also for other applications such as ITS and moviemaking.  Optical distortion of <1% makes these lenses particularly suitable for metrology.

All this is achieved with a relatively compact 42mm diameter robust and durable metal body.  As expected, focus and iris adjustment rings are lockable. 
Given the high specification, the price is surprisingly affordable.

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In addition ALRAD will be exhibiting a wide range of machine vision products including:-

  • Advision offline measurement and analysis station. The system comprises of a HDMI camera on a stand with zoom lens and lighting, which can use a range of cameras including a microscopic camera and incorporates the software for basic measurements
  • New Imaging Technologies wide dynamic range SWIR cameras
  • A wide range lenses
  • Machine Vision Led lighting products
  • A wide range of cameras from board cameras for OEMs to integrate into their products through to 25 Megapixel and other specialist cameras.

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