Kabelschlepp Metool offers customised application specific system solutions branded TOTALTRAX:  cable carriers in steel or plastic including all electrical cabling, hydraulics, pneumatics, coolant or lubrication hoses complete with corresponding connectors. 

When you consider the necessary investment in all the process, from the drawing board to commissioning; there is a clear business case for a customer to consider sourcing our TOTALTRAX sub assemblies to specification – ready for you to install.

In machine and plant engineering, the demands on technical parameters and performance are increasing – and this also applies to components or assembly parts such as the cable carrier systems. Cable carrier systems can be found in all automated processes because without power, data or signals – automation is simply not possible!

Many application areas – for example in machine tool engineering at the processing centers where milling, drilling and polishing take place or in handling systems – machines or systems with several cable carriers are quite common.

The functioning of the entire system depends on the reliability of their operation. Given the numerous individual components involved, the assembly faced by engineers and technicians takes up considerable time and costs.

Far-reaching advantages can be gained by using bespoke, ready-to-install cable carrier systems – such as TOTALTRAX solutions from KABELSCHLEPP Metool.  For example, procurement and processing procedures are streamlined, supplier coordination is reduced, and storage capacities are optimized.  A supplier offering all components has major benefits for the user.  Just one order and one incoming goods inspection, stocking of components becomes unnecessary, consequently warehousing also becomes obsolete, releasing capital funds. In many respects manpower, time and money are saved – and when adding up all individual benefits the totality of the savings is considerable.


Diversity to suit.

One of the hallmarks of the Ilkeston based supplier is the material variety in their portfolio.  Whether steel, plastic or hybrid solutions with plastic chains and aluminum stays – KABELSCHLEPP Metool are always able to select the optimal material quality for the respective application. 

Whatever your carrier must be – economical or versatile.  Standard or robust, lightweight or highly stable.  Whether you need fast or silent cable carriers, large unsupported lengths, fixed chain widths or customized to the exact millimeter.  Large interior heights or special design requirements – we can supply! In combination with highly flexible cables suitable for cable carriers the respective cable carrier will be designed to suit your individual application

KABELSCHLEPP Metool also offers a comprehensive cable range specially designed for dynamic applications. For indoor and outdoor applications, shielded or unshielded, temperature or UV-resistant, cost-effective or high-end products with high mechanical resistance are available. The cable series covers every need in power, control, high-performance, single-conductor, data, BUS and Coax cabling, as well as common system cabling to Siemens or Indramat standards.


“Plug-and-Play” instead of costly in house assembly

The selection of the correct individual components that need to be matched to suit one another is important in order to meet the operating requirements with point precision. And then there is design, procurement and professional assembly. Altogether this makes for time-consuming and generally speaking, costly process steps. They can be significantly optimized by using the ready-to-install TOTALTRAX solutions.

Construction and development, procurement management, accounting, logistics, warehousing and quality assurance all benefit from not having to use their own resources. The project planning, the bringing together of all individual parts, specialist tools, storage and assembly spaces, the customer’s personnel expenditure or expensive expert personnel for assembly and electrical installation, even unpacking activities including disposing of residual materials – users are getting everything from a single source.

All specifications are summarized in one order and there is just one contact for any potential queries. Right on time all components are at hand – ready for assembly. Upon request, the delivery scope will also include suitable transport frames or any other frames or bulkheads which may be necessary for handling or assembly. This results in additional synergy effects with regard to purchasing price, which becomes particularly important in the competitive automation markets. 

General automation, cranes, handling and feeder devices, airports or in aerospace technology, renowned manufacturing brands already benefit from our cable carrier systems of the TOTALTRAX range.

Using TOTALTRAX, design engineers can fully concentrate on their main task. This creates the potential for more efficient capacity utilization – a particularly important factor at a time when the economy is experiencing a further upturn. It also improves the chances of developing new products to expand their own product portfolio

Whatever the application – Kabelschlepp Metool in Ilkeston with its experienced engineers cost effective and complete product range – is THE contact for you. 


0115 922 5931