South Korean beauty products manufacturer, Amorepacific, is reaping the benefits of a robotic handling solution delivered by logistics automation supplier, KNAPP.

As a leading cosmetics company producing a number of skincare, makeup and perfume brands, Amorepacific manufactures most of its products at its Beauty Park in Osan, South Korea. Due to growth the company’s manual warehouse was at its limits, so Amorepacific sought an automated solution and decided to collaborate with KNAPP to install a shuttle-based storage system working with intelligent robots.

Largest project in South Korea

The result is the largest project KNAPP has ever implemented in South Korea. The highly automated production buffer features KNAPP’s OSR Shuttle™ automated storage and retrieval system at its heart. This features over 80,000 storage locations and works in tandem with 3 depalletizing/palletizing robots in the company’s 2-shift operation.

After an extensive evaluation process,” said Lee Seung Hun, Team Manager at Amorepacific, “we found the right partner to automate our warehouse. KNAPP is the world market leader in shuttle technologies and they offered us the best solution to fulfil all our requirements, which was also easily integrated into our existing system.”

A key requirement for Amorepacific was that the installation of the KNAPP automation should not impact the production process in any way, which was achieved through careful integration planning.

Smart production buffer

The production buffer not only provides higher storage density – with 60% more storage volume than the previous manual warehouse – but also optimizes the handling of pallets and containers. The system undertakes automatic depalletizing of incoming pallets (up to 600 containers per hour), random selection of containers for quality checks, buffering of raw materials for production and fully automatic picking of raw materials with a perfect sequence being produced for automatic palletizing. The logistics solution also takes care of automatic palletizing of production containers and strapping of completed production pallets, as well as transfer of sequenced raw materials to the production system. In addition, the system ensures end-to-end lot tracking and that the FIFO principle is followed, thanks to unique serial numbers on the containers.

Energy efficiency

As well as a modular structure offering capacity for future growth, the OSR Shuttle™ system brings the benefits of low power consumption, energy recuperation through braking and 20 times lower CO2 emissions than a conventional stacker crane solution.

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