Scalable, robust, edgeless multi-touch HMI for Smart Automation

The innovative and modular FusionClient HMI series combines a frameless multi-touch interface with the performance and flexibility of the Kontron COM Express Computer-on-Module.

All FusionClient models feature an easy-clean, anti-glare and scratch-proof IP65 protected front glass and designed specifically for industrial settings. The PCAP Multi-Touch-Display can be operated with or without gloves. Based on the standard 16:9 wide format, the FusionClient is available in four sizes (12.1”, 15.6”, 18:5” and 21.5”), which can be operated in both landscape and portrait format.

Intuitive multi-touch access to real-time actionable data makes the FusionClient the perfect fit for SCADA and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) monitoring and other control applications. The modular design allows for easy customization according to individual customer needs. The optional LED alarm bar ensures enhanced user experience and increased visibility of processes and production status.

Users further have the option of incorporating Wi-Fi connectivity (including pre-installed antennas) for easy integration into existing networks.

Kontron FusionClients are highly resistant to shocks and vibrations and are fully operational in a temperature range from 0°C to 50°C. Their robust design ensures high product availability and minimizes maintenance requirements.

The systems feature a Displayport-, a DVI interface as well as an USB 3.0 data connection. Display adjustments can be made either through OSD via capacitive buttons, or via software applications (‘Soft-OSD’). The OSD buttons can be freely configured for easy access to individual functionality. The Kontron FusionClient series supports Windows 7, Windows 10 and Linux. The FusionClient HMIs provide high-definition imaging of data and offer an intuitive user interface which makes them an ideal choice for control applications in the production process and utilization in medical technology.

  • Multi-touch edge to edge frameless front panel
  • Various display dimensions: 12.1” / 15.6” / 18.5” / 21.5”
  • Industrial grade – robust, reliable, and maintenance-free
  • Flexible and upgradeable modular concept
  • Easy customization with standard building blocks
  • Integrated Kontron security: TPM and Kontron APPROTECT
  • Access control via RFID
  • Enhanced visualization with LED alarm bar

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