Panasonic offers the new laser distance sensor HG-C with a repeatability of 10µm and a response time of 1.5ms at an unbeatable price. The distance sensor HG-C opens up many new possibilities for industrial automation. For example, the sensor is optimally suited for positioning robot arms, measuring the position of hoops, checking for the presence of very small objects or checking for the overlapping of even the thinnest types of material.

Measuring can take place both stationary and dynamically. As there is both a digital and an analog output signal (0 – 5V) available for integration into the process, it is possible to perform dynamic measurements or control loops or determine profiles and contours of many different components. You only need the function keys to configure the sensor and immediately the measured distance will be displayed in millimeters on the built-in four-digit display. Additional digital inputs are used to trigger the sensor, to control the laser power, and to perform zero adjustment.

The three models available in the HG-C series offer measurement ranges from 30 ±5mm to 100 ±35mm with a typical beam diameter of 10µm to 70µm. All models are equipped with a red semiconductor laser of class 2 in an aluminum die-cast housing and have a temperature drift of 0.03%. Thanks to the compact and light-weight body, the HG-C distance sensor can be mounted on the moving parts of machines.

Technical specifications:

  • Measuring range 30 ±5mm, 50 ±15mm, and 100 ±35mm
  • Repeatability of 10µm, 30µm, and 70µm
  • 1.5ms response time
  • Red semiconductor laser class 2
  • Aluminum die-cast housing (44mm x 25mm x 20mm, 35g without cable)
  • IP67 degree of protection
  • Linearity ±0.1% F.S./C°