HBM’s has announced another in its series of free on-line webinars that takes place on Wednesday, 15 October, and focuses on the latest in sensor concepts for the development of innovative and competitive checkweighers, packaging and sorting machines.

The webinar will highlight the accuracies that can be achieved by using innovative load cells based on strain gauge technology along with the opportunities this can offer machine builders. It will show how trigger and filter functions for digital load cells can be utilised professionally along with the economic and strategic aspects which need to be taken into account when selecting weighing components for checkweighers, packaging and sorting machines.

HBM manufactures an extensive range of digital load cells that are at the heart of checkweighers and many other packaging and sorting machines. Now HBM has developed completely new sensor concepts resulting in load cells based on strain gauge technology that can achieve remarkable values in terms of accuracy and speed compared with the historic trend of utilising load cells based on electromagnetic force compensation.

These developments open up interesting new fields of application to manufacturers of checkweighers and packaging and sorting machines. HBM believes that completely new market segments will be developed, since strain gauge technology can provide huge cost benefits compared to conventional solutions.

Individuals wishing to register the webinars or wanting more information can click here for details.